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Opportunities in change

Shaping opportunities for change and developing the corporate culture by utilising change management.

If a change conflicts with the cultural paradigm in place, natural resistance to change increases to a point where it may cause the failure of a process that is essential for the company’s continuity. In general, management and managers are aware of these cultural challenges but do not generally find the leverage to develop them as they would like.


Our services:

  • Identification of the current culture
  • Definition of the desired culture
  • Hosting of “large group” workshops
  • Development of the managerial staff
  • Staff training programme
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Monitoring indicators of the cultural network



Developing customer-supplier relationships

A service provider with more than 400 employees wanted to become more customer-oriented to better satisfy its key customers/partners


Improving interdepartmental cooperation

Communications among the various departments of the logistics chain were often conflicting. Each person was pursuing the objectives of his own area of responsibility.


Getting out of routines to satisfy the customer

To encourage its POS staff to actively sell, a company with many branches launched a global development programme.

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