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“Our collaboration with DEVAS Consulting Ltd did nothing less than give our company a big boost.

Testimonial by Ludovic

  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses

  • Personalised coaching for each area manager

  • Enhancement and optimisation of individual qualities

  • Analysis of the economic situation and implementation of adapted marketing strategies

  • The results associated with this collaboration are quantifiable and very positive.

The option of a professional, outside consultant in leadership, management and economics over a defined period is a real gain for our SME with some 20 employees.”


Ludovic Chappuis



Testimonial by Sylvie

“The DEVAS Consulting Ltd was able to:

  • Get the best out of each one of us by bringing out our strengths in the company.
  • Support us in creating an adequate structure and a real, dynamic working group
  • Push us beyond our limits to reach our objectives.
  • Heighten the way we view managing our employees.
  • Really contribute to creating great energy and a very worthwhile development, both administratively and at the human level.” 


Sylvie Del Genio