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CEO Spitex Bern

"Thanks to his understanding of our business, his flair for cultural subtleties, as well as his pragmatic nature, Romano Schalekamp has been able over the years to build up a high level of grassroots trust both with management and with employees, to generate good will and has thereby earned respect and recognition.

Within the framework of the implementation of our new strategy we therefore decided to hold a two-day management workshop with 35 management staff members.

DEVAS Consulting Ltd supported us with the planning of the organisation and the content and acted as moderator for the workshop.

As a result of his objective perspective of our organisation and its challenges, together with a solid understanding of the business and its particularities, the workshop was able to be more purposefully planned and more efficiently conducted thanks to Mr Schalekamp‘s involvement. The participants felt valued and integrated and therefore constructive and committed to the subject throughout the workshop. The aims of the workshop were thereby fully realised and, together with the clarification of strategic and operational questions, a strong, sustained management team spirit was also generated.

The relaxed and pleasant, yet very professional nature of the cooperation was highly valued by the management – further meetings and workshops with the involvement of DEVAS Consulting are planned for the current year.

We thank Mr Schalekamp for his valuable and dedicated work and wish both him and DEVAS Consulting, all the best for the future”.

Philip Steiner

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