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Success through Spiritual Marketing
Romano Schalekamp

Book published in French and German:
This book defines “spiritual marketing” and brings together two seemingly very different worlds.

It gives a new vision to traditional marketing and to specific orientations, such as global marketing, direct marketing, guerrilla marketing, societal marketing, etc.  From the marketing viewpoint, it develops vision, strategy, operational planning, implementation and monitoring. And from the spiritual viewpoint, the book raises the issue of the real meaning of life and its fundamental values. This is a gentle approach that offers different ideas.

Set off to discover this new approach of spiritual marketing! The book offers techniques for corporate managers and employees. As well as suggestions for answers for each person who wonders about life’s real values.

After a first complete reading, the many checklists and simple structure will enable you to use this work as a bedside book and a reference for your next project.

Regrettably, this book is only available in French and in German.

Price: CHF 33.00 / € 21.50
Size 16 x 22,5 cm, 194 pages
ISBN: 987-2-88465-002-1 (French) and ISBN 978-2-88465-005-2 (German)

This book was published by DEVAS edition and is now available by Devas Inspiration.

You can order a copy of it directly there.  

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