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Better meeting client needs

A home care company transformed its old telephone service into a genuine customer contact cen-tre to better serve clients and optimise the process.

This organisation had a decentralised structure for answering clients’ questions. The managers of the fifteen operations were constantly “disturbed" with simple organisational issues. A contact centre increased the hours of presence and standardised the processes of the various operations. DEVAS Consulting was assigned to support the entire process.



A systematic approach

  • Initialisation: project launch meeting to define the existing situation and the desired situation. Preparation of a plan that is validated by management.
  • Specifications: definition of requirements in terms of tools to be used, evaluation and selection of tools.
  • Infrastructure: installation of a tool with call-centre functions, expansion of possibilities and integration with other site management tools.
  • Process: developing standardised processes to enable the first contact to handle 80% of the calls, standardisation of processes with the operations. 
  • Personnel: employee recruitment process. Training in use of the technique, the processes and behaviour. In addition, regular advanced training and correction of the mistakes / malfunctions noted.
  • Controlling: developing management indicators, formulating admission standards, putting tools in place to measure quality.

A step towards professionalism

With good cooperation between the project leader and the consultant, it was possible to implement the project within the deadline, and the contact centre team functioned very well. The project’s initial budget and scope made possible a first step towards a fundamental change, in order to manage client relations professionally. Following a change in management, a subsequent project was able to be put together to take the second step. To do this, the same team (project leader and consultant) was selected. 


The expert consultant

DEVAS Consulting had to provide competency in managing processes, contact centres and the project itself. In addition, the consultant regularly questioned how things were going and made suggestions for improvement. He was also responsible for providing information and advanced training in terms of behaviour.




Best practice

Increasing your effectiveness and output by revealing hidden opportunities through professional approaches.




Professionally managing the process

As part of the launch of a new corporate consulting service, DEVAS Consulting was assigned to develop a manual of business processes.


Using indicators to manage the company

A small retail company was in the habit of observing turnover and the margin on products sold.


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